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.io games (or io games, often translated as big combat games in Chinese) refer to online games played through a browser on the homepage of the game with .io as the domain name. .io was originally a national and regional top-level domain of the British Indian Ocean Territory. It is widely used in the field of information technology because it can represent I/O. "" is the first .io game, and other .io games have been developed later. Their game website also uses the .io domain name, and has multiplayer competitions, which can be accessed directly through the browser without the need Installed locally, easy to operate but highly skilled, and immediately resurrected after death.


The .io game originated from "" developed by Brazilian game developer Mateus Valadaris in April 2015. It was the world's first io game. At the time, 19-year-old Mateus Valladaris collected game names from netizens on the 4chan online forum, and finally adopted the domain name "" as the domain name of the game's website. Agar means commonly used when making bacterial culture media. Of agar. This game became very popular after its release, which led other developers to develop some games similar to "" and also use .io domain names, such as "" and "" , "", etc. Although some games do not use the browser line to play, that is, they do not use the .io domain name, they are often regarded as .io games because their gameplay is the same as the traditional .io. For example, the re-enacted version of "" in Mainland China, "Ball Battle", is played on smartphones by downloading mobile apps. Its official website also uses the .com domain name instead of the .io domain name, but Since the gameplay is no different from traditional .io games, it is also included in the scope of .io games.